strengthen yourself

"How can I be more caring and empathetic with my team?"

"What do I do when things feel like they're spinning out of control?"

"Leadership. Am I ready? How do you even."

"Sometimes I get so angry..."

"Does mindfulness affect our code? What's mindful coding look like?"

empathetic technical leadership

The Little Guide

Growing in technical skill used to keep you pretty busy. Now, it’s almost second nature. Now comes the hard part.

Supporting your team’s technical decision-making process, mentoring new teammates, encouraging a learning culture. For some folks, it seems to come easy.

How did they learn? Does empathy come naturally? What does collaborative leadership look like?

Alex's book, The Little Guide to Empathetic Technical Leadership is available now! You can buy it at, and sign up there to get tips, pointers, and updates.

individual coaching

One on One Coaching

The topic is whatever's getting in your way. Leading geeks, finding balance, resolving conflicts. Our coaching, focused on empathy, choice, mindfulness, and geek joy, will help you find your way forward. If you're curious about this, you can learn about Alex's philsophy and what coaching is like, here.

Pair Programming

One of the most important ways we help a strengthen a team is through pair programming. Working in the code, we naturally explore technical quality, fears, hopes, and how to communicate about technical things. (You might enjoy this talk on pair programming by Alex.)

Want to know if your code is expressive? How to untangle it? Want some practice coding the way you'd like to? Or to figure out how to better help your team by pairing? Let's pair!